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Why we love Eco Tan Australian Organic skin care products

Eco Tan - Eco by Sonya Driver Skin Compost Range.

Skin Hydration kit. Eco by Sonya Driver
Finding the right skin care products is always such a personal decision. I've been led down the Clinique route by friends and have been left feeling less than happy with the results. I guess their products don't play nicely with my skin. So after running low on some of my current skin care products (mainly cleanser and moisturiser) I decided to try something a little different, whilst supporting another local Gold Coast based business that has been winning awards for its range of products that are organic, cruelty free and vegan. I'm talking about Eco Tan and more specifically the Eco by Sonya Driver - skin compost range. 

This product range harnesses nature's best and brightest ingredients and turns their amazing properties into products that are great to use and are about as natural as any product can be.

Super Citrus Cleanser with Orgnic Lemongrass, Caviar Limes and Aloe

Let's start off with the Super citrus cleanser. I like to splash a bit of water on my face to start with, pump the cleanser a couple of times to get the right amount of liquid on my fingers and get to work. It smells amazing, we're talking about a burst of lemongrass / caviar lime freshness, paired with Aloe that works nicely into a lather and feels like it is opening pores, cleaning them out and leaving your face refreshed. The cleanser is also anti-bacterial - great for fighting acne. Wash that off and dry your face - it's now prepped for step 2.

Super Fruit Toner Mist with Pineapple, Kakadu Plum and Hyaluronic

So this step is really easy, Super Fruit Toner is a pump action mist, just close your eyes and spray away a few times to get a light misting of face toner. I swear you can feel your face tightening up whilst it's drying - it only takes a couple of minutes to dry, no need to wipe, just let it absorb the nutrients into your skin. The ingredients contain a Vitamin C dose of antioxidant goodness, hyaluronic to boost moisture retention and the mist is both anti-bacterial (great for reducing acne) and non-comedogenic (won't block your pores). Once dry, it's time to moisturise - step 3.

Super Fruit Hydrator with Coconut water, Wild Harvest plum and Hyaluronic

Now to the Super Fruit Hydrator, give the bottle a couple of pumps onto your fingers. Straight away you can tell it's not oily, quite light really and its spreads over the skin nicely, I always like to put a little extra around the eyes and potential wrinkle line areas. Coconut water has some wonderful properties for oily skin, reduces the risk of acne and promotes clear and flawless skin, whilst the wild harvest plum protects, nourishes and hydrates. Lastly Hyaluronic acid is a super magnet for water, great to soak into the skin and hydrate, it is renowned for its anti-ageing properties. That is it for the morning routine - this hydrator is also an amazing base for makeup.

Super Acai Exfoliator with Magnesium salts and chia seed oil

Once or twice a week, it's a very good idea to exfoliate those dead top layer skin cells away, before the bacteria get to them and create blackheads. This is where the Super Acai exfoliator comes in. Splash a bit of water onto your face, grab the Acai scrub and squeeze a bit of the blueish scrub out onto your fingers, about a 5 cent piece size and work it around your face applying light pressure to help remove any dead cells clinging onto the good ones. Repeat the application as necessary to cover the entire face. Then wash off thoroughly once complete. The Acai contains antioxidants to brighten and also hydrates the skin, magnesium salts promote anti-inflammatory and healing properties whilst drawing out toxins and impurities to help clear acne and problem skin. Lastly the Chia seed oil is a rich source of omega 3 and antioxidants that help to calm and restore hydration to the skin.

 Glory Oil - Skin Treatment oil that nourishes, calms, soothes and restores

I like to use the Glory Oil at night. It comes with a dropper because you only need a few drops to apply to skin. Glory oil is made up from cold press extraction of Inca Inchi, Acai Fruit and pumpkin seeds. This combination provides amongst many other things, natures omega oils with wonderful hydrating and healing properties. It leaves the skin with a bit of a sheen, so I just use this at night to let it work its magic whilst sleeping. Great for assisting the healing of scars and reducing the appearance of fine lines, it also calms many irritating skin conditions. 

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