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Loving boho (bohemian) styling

What is boho in a fashion and styling sense? Let us draw a mental picture for you. Think of the anti-war sentiment in the 1960-70's, specifically the Korean and Vietnam war protests you may have seen on TV or in movies, hippies and free spirits running around fields in free flowing clothing, flowers, feathers, colours, the John Lennon style glasses. The styling sense is part nature, free spirit, a lot of colour or prints, paisleys and a little defiance. 

Hippies in a fieldThe current take on boho fashion, modernises the earlier theme and introduces modern fabrics and styling, beautiful jewellery and even extends to henna body art. Expect to see todays boho girls wearing shorter dresses or playsuits, straw or natural fibre hats, beaded jewellery and accessories, scarves and sandals or rope style footwear.

Boho girl blowing bubbles