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Choose the right outfit for the spring races !

With Spring Carnival approaching fast it can be difficult to choose an outfit that will dazzle the fields, whilst suiting the weather for your region. We have put together some amazing options for different weather forecasts to save you the stress of trying to put together a creative outfit.


Of course we all want the weather to be warm, and sunny. But in reality, the universe often knows when there is an important occasion we are dressing fancy for, and can't have our hair get frizzy. We have put together this easy, yet impactful outfit to save you on a rainy race day. The top half of this dress is perfect as you can layer a singlet underneath to keep you warm. Yet it is also flowy enough to ensure to are not constricted if it gets hot. An easy up do to save the day, and make you look extra put together. Topped with one of our best selling headpieces. 


The Terry Dress

 Indie Faux Pearl Floral Fascinator



For a hot Spring day this next dress is perfect ! This flowy coral dress will ensure that your comfort level is not compromised whilst looking feminine throughout the day. Wear your hair tucked behind an ear with a statement hairclip to add exrta glam. Don't forget the body shimmer to make your skin look like you have just come back from a tropical holiday.



If the weather is unpredictable this year, we also have you covered with this chic lace jumpsuit. An easy to wear outfit that will truly be an asset to your wardrobe. Add a bright lip to this look, or some blingy jewellery to make a classy statement. We have paired it with a sleek pony tail to ensure your hair stays perfect all day long.


Of course don't forget to pack your mints, hollywood tape, perfume, and band aids in your clutch and you are set to go!! 

All of these items are available online at Hey Sara Fashion.